Was: 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS


Is: 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse Custom



In January of 2004, I totalled my 1992 Pontiac Grand Prix LE. It was a scary event, but it did allow me to purchase my new Mitsubishi Eclipse. Of course, it wasn't a NEW Eclipse, but it was new to me. Purchased at Borge's Auto Center in Taunton, Massachusetts, and sold to me by my boss's brother, my new Eclipse was given a great home.

So, of course my first thought was-- I can mod this thing out. So I go to ebay; I go to Club3G; I do searches; I buy; and I learn how to install my new toys. There were a few things which I had the garage install; like the cold air intake, which they made custom, and the muffler. I did install my new dual halo projector headlights, an HID Kit, tail lights, clear corners, the wavmixer silicone hose kit for the engine, the front strut bar by MEGAN Racing, the cd player, the short shifter, the Street Glow OPTX Multi-Color LED under car kit and more.

Once I started my search for mods that would make my ride look unique, I couldn't stop. The cash flow dried up when I decided to go to Jamaica, but I still have enough toys to put on my car. And if I get all of that done, I have a few low cost/ long time ideas to add to my 'clipse.